About Therapy

If you are seeking help with an emotional problem or conflict, therapy can help you delineate the internal forces at play that are creating the difficulty so that you can decide what to do to make your life work better.

If you are very good at “getting in your own way” through thoughts, actions or patterns which lead you away from the solutions you seek, I can help you to recognize and deal with those destructive mechanisms.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or flooded with emotion or anxiety, I can teach you to regulate your internal state by bringing compassionate attention and presence to your physical/ emotional experience.

If you are weighed down with crushing guilt, I can work with you to separate yourself from the internal abuser that drives your unhappiness and anxiety.

If you have organized your life to avoid painful or frightening memories or feelings, I will encourage you in building your capacity to tolerate and face these feelings. In this way, you can expect that you will gain a clearer sense of yourself and become freer to act in your own best interest.

Oftentimes, the problems that bring you to therapy are less obvious. For instance, you may be unhappy with your relationship to family, work or school. I will help you to identify underlying causes and understand the structure of your difficulties. I have successfully treated people who have begun treatment with a generalized sense that things in their life are not going as they would like but with no clear idea of where or how to start to change things. We will work as partners to understand your difficulties with compassion and appreciate and bolster your strengths.

Some of the types of problems I work with are trauma and abuse, relationship difficulties, parenting issues, alienation, under-performance at school or work, low self-esteem, assertiveness, anxiety and panic, depression, eating disorders, obsessions and compulsions, somatic symptoms (when your emotional issues are expressed through physical pain or symptoms), chronic illness, anger management, and loss and grief.

My goal is to challenge you while offering a supportive and compassionate presence. Effective psychotherapy requires the correct balance of challenge and support for optimum learning and change to take place. I expect that our work together will produce an immediate sense of clarity and relief. Regardless of the issues that bring you to therapy, we will focus on the strengths which you bring to meet your challenges and clarify the necessary steps to take to reach your goals.

About Margo 
I’ve worked with individuals and groups for over 40 years. My style is direct and collaborative, energetic and engaging. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to help you to understand and overcome your difficulties. about
Dynamic Psychotherapy
I practice Experiential Dynamic Therapy. My style is highly engaged and focused on close moment to moment observation in session. Together we will determine the nature of your difficulties and work collaboratively to address their roots.
Are you struggling with:
  • Trauma or abuse
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Anxiety and panic or
  • Loss and grief
  • Anger Management
  • Physical signs of stress