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Life is difficult. We need access to our best selves--our strengths, purpose and gifts----- if we are to live with satisfaction and fullfillment. And oftentimes, when we are most in need of our best selves we find instead that we are alienated from our purpose, have lost sight of our life's meaning, forget what we are all about.

Too often we become our own harsh judge, jury and jailor. Or we set ourselves up for painful battles with reality. Or we wake up to realize that we have been asleep and unaware of ourselves and the life around us. Or we are tormented with thoughts or sensations which distract us and rob us of a sense of tranquility.

This is the time when some seek psychotherapy. I welcome your determination to meet your life and challeges head-on. My work is highly focused to get to the point and assist you in the most efficient, yet safe, manner.

We will begin in the very first session to address your difficulties and improve your self awareness . Entering therapy invokes both hope and dread. You want to change how you are living your life and fear that it will be too difficult or even impossible to change. Working together as a team, we can discover the structure of your problem and determine steps you can take toward reaching your goal.

My intention is to challenge you while offering a supportive and compassionate presence. I expect that our work together will produce an immediate sense of clarity and relief. Regardless of the issues that bring you to therapy, we will focus on the strengths which you bring to meet your challenges and clarify the necessary steps to take to reach your goals. 

About Margo 
I’ve worked with individuals and groups for over 40 years. My style is direct and collaborative, energetic and engaging. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to help you to understand and overcome your difficulties. about
Dynamic Psychotherapy
I practice Experiential Dynamic Therapy. My style is highly engaged and focused on close moment to moment observation in session. Together we will determine the nature of your difficulties and work collaboratively to address their roots.
Are you struggling with:
  • Trauma or abuse
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Anxiety and panic or
  • Loss and grief
  • Anger Management
  • Physical signs of stress